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Shoes, monoprint, 20 x 15 inches.


The monotype series is based on several inspirations...one is about how as an elder, the society poses as problems and it feels as if we, the elders are walking on eggs.

As I drew these ideas, first in diaramas of feet on egg shells, then drawings of feet on lakes, then I felt the read issue is the awkwardness of stepping on each others toes. How the new crop of young workers, young progeny, young people seem to step on our toes and we seem to step on their toes.

So, the entire series is about this awkwardness. We are imposing upon each other, bumping into each other, presuming and being rude. That is how I kept on making the feet...some are dancing, some are stomping awkwardly, some are just standing still as a declaration of territorial perogative. Standing on their own two feet.

Dance is graceful, the stomp is declarative, standing is just being on two feet....there is a n illustration about boot dancing which is south african morse code among their soldiers and workers who did not want to reveal strategies to the police. The KGB. So they would stomp on the street corners in a morse code and then when and where the next meetings were being held between the political parties working against the oppressions of Apartheid would convey the message and the KGB would not know ...they only see people dancing.

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